Topic 23: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Sometimes it is better not to tell the truth. Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

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Posted by Daojun Wang on June 23, 19101 at 23:23:42:

Some people believe that it is neccessary to tell the truth all the time, but other people take the opposite postion. I strongly agree with these people who believe that sometimes it is better not to tell the truth.

The reason is that sometimes the truth can hurt people, no matter it is good news or bad news. Some people are not strong enough to hear the bad facts, and for some people, their physical conditions do not allow them hear some exciting truth. If we know the truth will hurt a person, why should we tell him or her the truth? It is better off not tell hime or her the truth.

My sister-in-law died of breast cancer in 1993. When she was diagonized that she had breast cancer, our family took her doctor's advice not tell her the truth that she couldn't live longer than half year and tried to make her not give up. I believe under this situation, most people will agree that it is better not tell the truth.

I live far away from my hometown, and every year I manage to travel back to visit my parents. I won't tell them the truth that I am going to visit them until I knock their door. If I tell them the truth, they start to worry and can't get to sleep every night until they see me. I was deeply regretful after I found out this when I make the first trip back home. For this situation, I will say that you will not disagree that it is better not tell the truth sometimes.


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