No.6 : If you could change one important thing about your hometown, what would you change? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

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Posted by seulw on July 01, 19102 at 22:41:49:

With the developement of my hometown in the past few years, the population is expanding very fast. The city is expiriencing not only a higher birthrate than ever, but also waves of immigration. The streets in the city are crowed or even jamed during the rush hours. If I could change one thing about my hometown, I would develope an advanced public trafic system.

In order to hold such an exploding population, the city has extended miles by miles without much plan. It is common for people to travel from the southmost part to the northmost part of the city to go to work everyday. They have to spend three hours or more on the way they go to work and come home. Eight hours' work is a heavy burden, while people have to spend hours before and after the work. A subway running through or around the city can solve the problem. People could live further away from the downtown without worrying about spending too much time on the way.

Some people buy their own car or take a taxi to work everyday. It's really expensive for most of the people in the city. They can't afford paying so much on trafic fares. Many civil engineering experts advocate that sharing a public trafic system is the most efficient way. People could reduce their fares a lot by using the public trafic system, and they can spend the money on some other

Even there are more and more people who can afford buying a car or taking taxi everyday, It is still suggested to using the public trafic system. Because the road developement can never keep up with the demand of the increasing cars, the cars may jam on the roads during rush hours. Usually, the speed of the car in that time is no higher than a bycicle! And pollution is another concern. So many private cars running in the city will bring us an environmental problem. On the other hand, the pollution from the public trafic system is much lighter.

All in all, an advanced public trafic system time efficient, cost efficient, and pollution preventing. This is the trend of advanced cities.


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