#6: If you could change one important thing about your hometown what would you change? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

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Posted by Laphijia on October 27, 19102 at 04:58:52:

If I was given the possibility to change something in my hometown, I would make that its life doesn't end at 19.30, but goes on util late in the night.
That is people go out in the night during the week, shops close at least at midnight, and the feeling is more lively.

First of all I would make that people use to meet late in the evening every day of the week, and not only on Friday and Saturday night.
I don't like the habit that people end living at 19:30, soon often work.
during the week people usually end work, go home, have dinner, watch TV, and sleep.
This is one of the things that I hate more.
I don't understand why, instead of watching some stupid program on TV, people don't meet more for discussing.
It would be an happier way to end the day, and absolutely more intelligent.

Another thing that I feel my hometown lacks of, are those shops that close ar midnight or, better, are open 24 hours a day.
I saw them in the United States, in Australia, and in Thailand, but not in my hometown.
The milk is finished, you want a Coke, or a light bulb just blew off; without those shops youneed to wait until the next day, or if it's Saturday, you will have to spend the next day without water, milk, toilet paper, or light.
Yes, I am not lying, in a city of 500,000 inhabitants there is absolutely no shop open after 19:30 or on Sunday.

The last reason why I would like life to end later is that I like to work till late, and when I finish, I like to go out and see people still eating or shopping.
It makes me feel happy and end better the day.

What I want my city yo be is not a crazy idea. I have seen places all around the world where life is like I think it should be.
In many countris people like to meet in the night just to have a drink and discuss about something, shops close at least at midnight, and the city lives until late every day.
The fact that my city is not like that makes me prefer to live somewhere else.


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