The best ideas arises from a passionate interest in commonplace things

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Posted by viola on November 06, 19102 at 12:34:09:

Where do the best ideas arise from?Just as the author addresses, commonplace things that we are most
likely to neglect is very the ground where the outstandings usually root.
Every era of the history of humanbeings is lit up by minority of elites as bright stars shinging against
the expansive background consisted of countless common persons.However,it is believed by the whole
nation that every one is born equal. everyone's life is divided into three stages:childhood, adolecance and
adulthood.No one has such supernatural power to omit one of them indifferently and to directly jump into
another one.What's more,the process from the vulger to the excel essentially contains thousands of steps
made up of simple time unit,such as seconds,minutes,hours.The true spectacle is the result of accumulation
during the process.
What lies in the accumulation transforing a grant of sand that can be seen everywhere into pure gold that
is so greatly valued and so carefully conserved?That is the continuing concerns on commonplace things.
It is the effort which make a first slowly flowing stream become wider and wider finally grows to a
torrent river.There is an example on myself.After lerning most courses on chemisty in university,I study
the details of the experiments that the Cuiry's operated aiming at refining Polenium.I nearly couldn't help
myself to shout out:"A piece of cake!Ican manage too!"Nevertheless,as my study went further,Ihave to
admit my superfice.The process regared simple had been repeated 3787times before the valubale
ounces of the material was obtained.Such easy work has become a colossal project that deserved not
only the memory of the history of science but also the sincere honor to theheric character.When a
deligent writer keeps to record everyday life arond him, when a assidouse violist plays single scales
day after day ,and when an sweaty athlete practises boring running round after round,they are baking
their bricks,they are building their firm wall,the complement of a splendid skyscraper is in the near future
However,some people may line a talent head,fortunaty,background or some other casual factors directly
with the large gap seperating cerenities and obscuries.It is probabaly for them to cite M's dream of the
circular form of elements,the findings of Pennisiline as a result of one of feleming's indifferent faults
But a wise man has said (I paraprase),'the godness of inspiration only love the brain s which have been
preparing for a long time "None of the roles above hasn't ploughed hard in their respective field
In sum ,the down to earth effort with lasting interst in what looks common is the most hopful approach
leading to the best.


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